Nisarga Batika School aims to produce graduates who are aware, confident, ready to move up to their college and adult life. Our high school students are held to high expectations and, providing them mentorship and support, we groom them to have skills and demonstrate the qualities necessary for future success. The high school students at Nisarga Batika School get ample opportunities and need to be ready to collaborate, communicate, relate to each other, and solve their own problems outside of curricular work. Through a combination of methods, progressive learning, traditional classroom environment, and experiential activities, our faculty prepares students for college by utilizing all the available teaching styles and learning opportunities across all disciplines. 

The students are supported to take initiative in self-learning activities from the experiential environment made available by the school, be fully involved in all the available school activities, both inside and outside of school, and adopt positive attitude with empathy towards self and others. Our High School students value freedom, safety, student leadership and the positive atmosphere present in their school atmosphere. They all are aware to have respect towards self and others, and while exercising democracy and understanding it’s all about freedom with rules, maintain school’s norms and code of conduct.The teachers are flexible, understanding and encouraging, while the students are expected to collaborate and cooperate with faculty members in all aspects of learning.  Teaching at Nisarga focuses on the individual and encourages students to think for themselves independently in preparation for the world of work and life beyond. We value and strive to develop the skills our students need for their lives.

The school follows the government curriculum for both junior and senior high school. The government curriculum is further enhanced by our experienced teaching faculty and advisors integrating the experiential learning philosophy of the school. Beyond-the-curriculum activities further enrich the government curriculum and inspires students to explore further than the curriculum. The students of Grade 10 appear in the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) and students of Grade 12 in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examinations both conducted by the National Examinations Board (NEB). The extended co-curricular school program is packaged for the preparation of students for career and for being competent members of the society. It is designed primarily to provide the transition from school to further learning.

Nisarga has adopted a liberal arts paradigm which makes it easier for students to select subjects based on their interest and needs of the industry. Students are directed towards selecting the mixture of best subjects available through academic counselling during the time of admissions in Grades 9 and Grade 11.  

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Program Highlights

Dynamic and Demanding Coursework
Get Engaged
Get Involved
Discover Self
Get in Shape
Dynamic and Demanding Coursework

The High School course follows the national curriculum, which is demanding on its own. Further, the school has designed and enhanced the national curriculum to prepare students for the rigours of college education. The course works, classes, club activities and electives are focused on preparing learners for college and life beyond school. The school and the teaching faculty work with students to set and reach their individual goals. We are committed to seeing every learner at the Senior High School flourish to their full potential.

Get Engaged

Students Exchange programme: collaborate with the schools outside of the country for cultural and academic exchange programme, a short-term study abroad programmes for interested students

Career/College counselling: advised from professional guidance counsellor on career and college, Nisarga Batika School is a college preparatory school. We start preparing the students from last years of the senior elementary school. We just do not prepare them academically, but also prepare them to handle and utilize multiple opportunities that colleges provide beyond the academics. We educate with intent to prepare every student for success in higher education and college life.

Shared talks with visiting faculties and experts: interactions and engagements with external faculties and experts.

Internship: short term interns’ engagement with institutions and organisations during academic breaks

Personal counselling: Individual and group counselling sessions for healthy emotional development of students

Get Involved

Student-led community service: guided involvement in service of underprivileged communities

Conferences and simulations: simulated events of the United Nations, International Criminal Court, and the Nepali Parliament to deepen the understanding of the world.

Fund raising: Theatre for a Cause (bi-annual theatre production) and Nisarga Ramailo (Fun Fair events). Theatre for a Cause is a theatre production organized by the students with guidance from the faculty, where students get involved in collaborative undertaking and comprehend a drama/play and make alterations for enacting. They are involved in design costumes and props, design and prepare brochures, ads and other promotional activities, perform on stage and develop confidence for facing an audience. The students are also guided to design, print and sell tickets and utilize the fund raiser for a humane cause

Project Coffee Lounge: students led and managed coffee lounge for real life management skills development. The students divide their work schedule to take full responsibility of running a small in-campus coffee lounge. They plan and acquire support finances for setting up the lounge, work to allocate budget for different areas of the lounge. Under a mentorship of faculty, they work on assigning duties and responsibilities among group members. All the operational tasks of keeping an inventory, maintaining a balance sheet of expenditure and income, operations and cleaning of the lounge are maintained by the students themselves. Any profits that can be spared is spend on some social cause chosen by themselves.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: an international non-formal education and learning framework operating around the world, recognizing young people’s achievements outside of academia

World Scholars’ Cup: an international team academic program with more than 15,000 students participating from over 65 countries every year

Discover Self

STEAM Education: STEAM education approach is now being embedded into our methods of learning with establishment of two STEAM labs. It is an approach to teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics to guide student inquiry, discussion, and problem-solving. Students engage in independent and/or collaborative activities to integrate science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics to experiment, explore and exhibit uniqueness in what students create and invent. This allows students to engage in activities to create and invent beyond the school’s usual curriculum, allowing work on and complete exciting projects and participate in hands-on activities.

Nisarga Senior High Capstone Project: The Senior High Capstone Projects could vary based on the topic, the time, and resources available. A signature project undertaken by students individually or in groups for the course of two years with a major end product. The capstone project at the Nisarga Batika School looks to ensure that the students connect to the projects and it is well within the time and resources available to them. Starting from the days of the senior high school years, i.e., Grade 11, they need to complete it by end of their senior high school year. The students need to focus on completing and also demonstrating their knowledge, aptitudes, and effort by highlighting or solving a particular or set of issues. It is a process of taking individual initiative, demonstration of leadership and collaboration skills. Learn more about the Senior High Capstone Project.

Student Clubs: organize and collaborate to create and be involved in various clubs like music and drama, language, art and design, environment, and many other evolving interest areas, such as Nisarga Eco-Socio Clubs, Nisarga Literary Hub, Art Club, Photography Club, and are expected to grow as student are encouraged to find their own space and passion. The student-led clubs are led by the High School students, and allows the students the opportunity to pursue their interests with like-minded peers. Students manage and collaborate around their own time and designated club times, to meet with their teachers to get the needed support and guidance.

Individual projects and research: learn through first hand experiences of places and things related to topics of study, engage and learn the skills and methods of research, synthesize findings, and prepare and present findings and report.

Life skills workshops: focus on self-awareness and empathy, decision making and problem solving, creative thinking and critical thinking, communication & interpersonal skills, and coping with emotions and stress

Get in Shape

Nisarga Sports Team: high school sports engagement challenges students to pursue excellence across swimming, basketball, and futsal, while understanding that each student as their own individual levels of potential. Nisarga Swim Team, is considered a premier school level team in the country, with many breaking in national swim teams, and has leading national age-group swimmers. Students who are part of the School Sports Teams must learn to balance their behaviour that allows for success in the classroom as well as in the sports arena. 

Outdoors and Adventure course: focus on developing life skills related to physical strength, collaboration and problem solving. Starting from day hiking to backpacking to range of adventure courses, these experiential learning opportunities are built up over the senior elementary school days. Students will need to travel to many destinations across the country, feel and experience life and nature, and get to experience and be involved in real life situations