Nisarga Batika School aims to produce graduates who are aware, confident, ready to move up to their college and adult life. Our high school students are held to high expectations and, providing them mentorship and support, we groom them to have skills and demonstrate the qualities necessary for future success. The high school students at Nisarga Batika School get ample opportunities and need to be ready to collaborate, communicate, relate to each other, and solve their own problems outside of curricular work. Through a combination of methods, progressive learning, traditional classroom environment, and experiential activities, our faculty prepares students for college by utilizing all the available teaching styles and learning opportunities across all disciplines. 

The students are supported to take initiative in self-learning activities from the experiential environment made available by the school, be fully involved in all the available school activities, both inside and outside of school, and adopt positive attitude with empathy towards self and others. Our High School students value freedom, safety, student leadership and the positive atmosphere present in their school atmosphere. They all are aware to have respect towards self and others, and while exercising democracy and understanding it’s all about freedom with rules, maintain school’s norms and code of conduct.The teachers are flexible, understanding and encouraging, while the students are expected to collaborate and cooperate with faculty members in all aspects of learning.  Teaching at Nisarga focuses on the individual and encourages students to think for themselves independently in preparation for the world of work and life beyond. We value and strive to develop the skills our students need for their lives.

The school follows the government curriculum for both junior and senior high school. The government curriculum is further enhanced by our experienced teaching faculty and advisors integrating the experiential learning philosophy of the school. Beyond-the-curriculum activities further enrich the government curriculum and inspires students to explore further than the curriculum. The students of Grade 10 appear in the Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) and students of Grade 12 in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examinations both conducted by the National Examinations Board (NEB). The extended co-curricular school program is packaged for the preparation of students for career and for being competent members of the society. It is designed primarily to provide the transition from school to further learning.

Nisarga has adopted a liberal arts paradigm which makes it easier for students to select subjects based on their interest and needs of the industry. Students are directed towards selecting the mixture of best subjects available through academic counselling during the time of admissions in Grades 9 and Grade 11.  

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