Ready to take the next step? We are so glad you believe Nisarga Batika School is the best place for your child to prepare for a bright future! The process is designed to personalize the admissions criteria for each prospective student and their family. Please let us guide you all to ensure that all incoming students and their families are comfortable and understand the program we have at the school. We will look to ensure that students can thrive in our learning community while allowing you to get acquainted with teachers and staff. A brief outline of the admission process is explained below:

  1. Prospective parents first register their child’s name at the School’s Front Desk or Call 01-5375193 during office days, or via our online form to request for more information, or send in an email to with “STUDENT ADMISSIONS” as the subject heading. The prospective parents can also schedule a tour of the school campus and request for an orientation.
  2. The School Administration Office contacts the prospective parents to collect an application package from the School’s Front Desk or send it through an email due to current COVID-19 protocol.
  3. Upon submission of the filled-out application form to the School, the School Administration Office will set a date and time for a placement assessment and an observation of the student. While the student is being assessed, the prospective parents will be having a meeting for an orientation with School Representatives.
  4. Parents and students will be notified by telephone or email if the student is accepted. Upon submission of all the required documents, parents and students will receive an acceptance offer letter and a request to make a deposit that covers the required fees. Only after the deposit is confirmed the admission of the student is complete. Failure to do so within a stipulated time could mean forfeiture of the acceptance offer and the seat given to the ones on the waiting list.
  5. Parents of the accepted students are required to attend an orientation program where they will be provided with a Parent-Student Handbook, curriculum and other necessary documents.

Application process usually starts on the first or second week of February. 

For more
information please contact our School Administration Office. The
Admissions Application Package that will be emailed to you, once our applications
open officially, will provides a quick outline of what is required for an
application process.

Questions? Contact Us Today!

If you have any questions about the admission process, please contact us today through 

  • Phone: 01-5375193 during office days, or
  • via our online form to request more information, or
  • Send in an email to with “STUDENT ADMISSIONS” as the subject heading.