Welcome to Nisarga Batika School!

We are thrilled that you are taking the next step toward becoming a part of the Nisarga Batika School community. Our learning environment is focused towards discovering the potential in every student, builds the foundation for lifelong learning and allows children to become responsible, respectful citizens. As a parent, choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is our goal to make this a simple and exciting process for the entire family. 


Admissions applications: usually starts on 1st/2nd week of February. 

Student Assessments and Parents Interview and Orientation: February/March 

Admissions: March/April 


Admissions: June/July

Getting Started

Our admissions process is all about introducing families to Nisarga Batika School and learning about the unique goals you have for your child’s education. We are passionate about seeing each student reach his or her full potential and it is our priority for you to find the best fit – whether that is on our campus or at another school.

Registration for Admission or Visiting Our School Campus

You may request for in-person campus tours, please feel free to connect with us through the given methods below. At these times, sometimes due to COVID-19 guidelines, we may not be able offer in-person campus tours. To fill in the gap during such times we will do our best to schedule a virtual tour of our campus, if required.

Click Here to get a brief virtual tour of Nisarga Batika School

Please contact our school office through:

  • Phone: 01-5375193 during office days, or
  • via our online form to request more information, or
  • Send in an email to admission@nisarga.edu.np with “STUDENT ADMISSIONS” as the subject heading.

Application for Admission

We hope your campus visit and information we share will confirm that Nisarga Batika School is the best fit for your child. Our 2022-23 application will be available soon. Please check our admission process here.

Contact our school 0ffice to know exact dates and changes brought about by the COVID-19 situations in the country and academic calendars. Please preview the preliminary admissions checklist given below.


1) Schedule a TOUR with the School Administration Office by:

  1. Email admission@nisarga.edu.np
  2. Call 01-5375193

2) We will send you admissions application package once you decide on sending in an application by registering with us. Complete, sign, and submit ALL parts of the application package, which includes, among others;

  1. Application Fee,
  2. Authorization for Release of Records from other institutions (to be accessed if deemed necessary),
  3. Report Card (copy of most recent grades) or Grade completion certificate, and
  4. Other records, documents, and  submissions specific to students or as deemed necessary for different academic levels 

3) After application is submitted, the School Administration Office will set up an in-person assessment/interview on campus with the prospective student and the respective Academic Head of School or Grade Coordinators and Teachers, along with orientation and interaction with the prospective parents.

Any Questions and Queries

School Administration Office

Email: admission@nisarga.edu.np

Call: 01-5375193

Learn More Today

Please explore our School Academic Book. This e-book provides more information about the Pre-School, the Elementary, and the High School as well as reasons families can entrust us with their child’s education. We hope you will soon experience what it means to be part of the Nisarga Batika Community.