Nisarga Batika School believes in nurturing independent life-long learners through experiential education that fosters human values in a positive environment. At Nisarga Batika School, our learners EXPLORE themselves, EVOLVE into what they want to become, and GROW to become the students who can define their future. Nisarga strives to bring to the forefront the education of the inner self. This is about helping each individual grow into their natural selves, where their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical sides are nourished equally.  Nisarga Batika School is a thriving community of learners who engage in the teaching learning activities that deliver holistic education that is relevant and meaningful for the child. As an experiential learning school, Nisarga offers a stimulating environment where children are taught through real life experiences. Each individual looks upon the world as their classroom and values self-motivated learning as a way of life. The school engages learners in real world experiences and encourages them towards critical thinking, self-discovery and creativity. The primary objective of the school is to nurture skills and values that students can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Utmost importance is placed on nurturing children’s curiosity and enthusiasm and developing necessary skills for growing into independent learners. Teachers work as facilitators, providing an ideal learning environment where children take the lead. Teachers are available to guide, support, and help students whenever needed, but their primary role is to ensure that children understand concepts through their own experiences. At Nisarga, children are part of a vibrant and caring community of learners who benefit from the presence of teachers and peers who learn to value their input and assist each other in their learning process. Nisarga Batika School aims to create students who are:
  • Proactive: Children learn to be responsible for themselves by actively making choices, having the appropriate attitude and enthusiasm.
  • Goal setters: Children begin with the end in mind, set goals, make plans and implement them.
  • Able to prioritize: Children plan and organize their daily activities in the order of importance.
  • Cooperative: Children realize that it’s always possible to have a win-win situation if there is cooperation and sharing.
  • Understanding and seek to be understood: At Nisarga learning is possible by working in groups, taking turns, synergizing with others, listening to others patiently, considering multiple perspectives and empathizing.
At Nisarga Batika School we value the following ideals:
  • Providing an education for the whole child development.
  • Nurturing the child in collaboration with the family.
  • Supporting cultural, religious, racial, and socio-economic diversity that is representative of our community.
  • Providing opportunities for open communication and creative problem-solving.
  • Creating an environment where the school community learn and thrive personally and professionally.
  • Maintaining harmony between all the members of the school.