As a student enrolled and studying at the Nisarga Batika School there are different costs and fees one need to consider. 

1) Application or Registration Charges (At the time of submission of application form for admission)
Non-Refundable Amount payable only once during the time of submission of the application form and other documents. This is same for all levels.
2) Admission Fee (ONE TIME, at the time of admission of the student to the school)

Non – Refundable Amount payable only once and paid when the admission is secured in the school, unless some one seeks Re-admission post leaving the school or having their name struck of the school rolls. This is same for all levels.

3) Security Deposit or Caution Money (ONE TIME, at the time of admission of the student to the school)

Refundable Deposit payable only ONCE when the admission is secured in the school, until the student’s stay in the school irrespective of the numbers of years and paid when the admission is secured in the school. This is an interest free deposit, which is refunded once the child, leaves the school and obtains ‘No Dues’ from the school authorities. This is varied for different academic levels at the time of admission.

4) School Fees and Charges (During the time of study at the school)

a) Annual Charges (ANNUAL, at the time of start of the new academic year, billed with the first installment of school fee)

This cost is charged for the Books, Stationary, Uniforms and Accessories, and Student Infrastructure development, improvement and maintenance. This is varied for different academic levels at the time of admission.

b) School Activity and Tuition Fee (ANNUAL, billed under 6 installments)

This is an ANNUAL cost, which is billed in pre-defined 6 instalments for convenience of the parents and families. 

The School Activity and Tuition Fee is charged for the Academic and Tuition costs, Sports and Outdoor activities costs, Cocurricular and Extracurricular activities costs, Labs (Science, STEAM, Computers) materials and maintenance costs, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) infrastructure maintenance costs, Rentals and Outsourcing costs, Classroom activities and Curriculum based events, Library and Online resources costs, School and Cultural events, and Food and other Logistics. All food costs during regular school activities are included in the School Activity and Tuition fees. Food is served at the school cafeteria for all students, and we don’t recommend or allow for outside food to be brought into the school campus unless special concession has been given for special need child, upon which certain cost adjustments can be made to the School Activity and Tuition Fee. Please check the school meals schedule available in the Parents’ Resources section for reference purpose.

Varied for academic level.

c) Transportation charges (MONTHLY, billed corresponding to 6 instalments of the school activity and tuition fee)

This is a billed only to the students that take school transportation service to commute to and back from the school. The school buses are available for the students of all classes, but in view of the limited number of seats, preference is given to small children and to those students who have to travel long distance. We encourage you to use your own means of transport if you live close to school, or please walk or use a bicycle. Bus fees are billed and payable along with the School Activity and Tuition Fees schedule. The school bills 11 months of bus charges for the use of the school transportation service. One month’s notice must be given for withdrawal from the bus service or pay one month’s fee in lieu of the notice period. 

A minimum charge and is scaled up depending on the distance from home to school, or the route.

5) Overnight Field Trips, Expeditions and Advance Courses Costs (As and when based on the school calendar of events)

Most Field trips and Expeditions are not optional, but we do allow some leniency in participation with due discussion with the parents for their reasoning. These trips are planned intentionally to increase and deepen the learning and development of student’s understanding of the curriculum and to provide experiential opportunities for students. Some field trips, expeditions, and courses are optional as they are introduced as advanced courses for students willing to delve further into their interests. These costs are charged usually for activities that require travelling beyond the school city area, and requires accommodation and logistics costs associated with the third party.

Varied as per participation and types. 

School Fee Schedule and Policy

The academic year is considered to be from April to end of March. All fees and other dues are to be paid within 15 days of the issue of bill in the designated Bank as per the following schedule.

Billing Month
Date of Issue of bill
Payment by

First Bill

3rd week of April

End of April

Second Bill

2nd week of May

End of May

Third Bill

2nd week of July

End of July

Fourth Bill

2nd week of September

End of September

Fifth Bill

2nd week of November

End of November

Final Bill

2nd week of January

End of January

Failure to pay the fee bill by the due date will render the defaulter liable for a late payment fine @ 10% p.a. till the date the payment is made. If the bill still remains unpaid for five weeks after the billing date, the school reserves the right to suspend its services and right to strike off the name of the defaulter from the School rolls. Re-admission is subject to payment of all dues including the fine and Re-admission Fee. If the bills are not received as per the schedule mentioned above, parents are requested to ask for a duplicate copy from the School’s accounts office from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Please contact the School Administration Office for the updated Fees, Charges and Costs