Chairperson’s Message

Your journey has just begun

It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of a team that values the uniqueness and worth of each individual.

At Nisarga, one realizes that despite the unrelenting pressure of work and exacting schedules, everyone manages to make time for thinking, reflecting and exploring the possibilities of providing holistic education to children. Children are taught to accept differences and develop values that are respected and admired in all cultures around the world. We aim to prepare individuals who are confident can make independent decisions and exhibit leadership qualities. We use real life experiences and experiential learning opportunities as a pedagogic medium for developing the required curricular concepts and skills.

Experiential learning is inter-disciplinary and each expedition helps the child experience the curriculum as a whole not in the form of isolated subjects. Well qualified, trained and experienced teachers support students’ learning by providing personal care.

I believe that Nisarga is an exceptional school that provides excellent teaching/learning opportunities and prepares students for life at University and beyond. Yet there is a lot more to be done as learning is an ongoing process. There are new challenges before teachers and education managers. At Nisarga, I would say that the journey has just begun; that there is much more to be done.

Ms. Kamana Regmi, Chairperson