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Sports & Outdoors

Elevating Fitness and Confidence through
Sports & Outdoor Activities

Nisarga Batika School sports and outdoors program engagement challenges students to pursue excellence across swimming, basketball, and futsal, while increasing opportunities for them to engage in other sports.

Students who are part of the School Sports Teams must learn to balance their behaviour that allows for success in the classroom as well as in the sports arena. Students who participate in sports are given support and guidance as they develop and refine their skills, improve their physical fitness and build a higher degree of self-confidence, and participate in major age-group competitions and inter-school competitions.

Outdoors program focuses on on developing life skills related to outdoors, nature, individual physical strength, and collaboration and problem solving as team. Outdoors programs starts from day hiking to backpacking to range of adventure courses, these experiential learning opportunities are built up over the different school levels.



Our basketball team sports has been evolving over recent years, with addition of another basketball court, the basketball players have access to two basketball courts to hone in their skills.

Starting as an alternative sports during the winter seasons, when the swimming sessions are difficult, it is now fast evolving into a competitive sports with teams being formed around school levels. Recent years exposure to inter-school competition have provided much needed exposure to basket as a competitive team sports beyond participation.

As basketball starts taking its place in the Nisarga Batika School’s sports platform we will see many more students being engaged to form intra-school house teams, and eventually making it into the school team.


Futsal, currently is being offered as an alternate sports engagement to the more established sports, swimming and basketball, at the Nisarga Batika School. The school utilises it open turfed ground to provide for the trainings, and has outsourced a full covered futsal ground some minutes walk from the school.

Futsal is also being planned to be fully embedded as a competitive sports at the school, as the participation levels and different age group teams get formed.

The school is already starting to compete in select inter-school competitions, and as the intra-house teams develop and evolve into school team, it will look to become a competitive sports at Nisarga Batika compared to swimming and basketball.


Nisarga Batika School has its own two in-campus swimming pools creating a platform to produce a pool of swimmers who have been making their names across the nationals and age-groups. The Nisarga swim team is composed of athletes dedicated to their swimming. They not only participate in the school level swimming, but also in the nationals. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at their level or ability.

We are proud to offer a multi-tiered program for swimmers who are interested in improving their skills and competing. Team practices focus on competitive techniques within age group classifications. To join the Nisarga Swim Team, swimmers move up the ladders from the school swim classes. Nisarga Swim Team, is considered a premier school level team in the country, with many breaking into the national swim team, and has leading national age-group swimmers.

Nisarga Swim Team is very well supported by its parents team, who provide much needed collaboration and support during the events, and also help organise one of the country’s premier inter-school swimming competition, the annual Nisarga Inter-School Swimming Championship.

Outdoors Program

Nisarga Batika Outdoors Program and Adventure Course focuses on developing students’ life skills related to physical strength, collaboration and problem solving.

Starting from day hiking to backpacking to range of adventure courses, these experiential learning opportunities are built up over the senior elementary school days. Students will travel to many destinations across the country, feel and experience life and nature, and get to experience and be involved in real life situations.

Our outdoors and adventure course helps in integrating outdoor learning activities into formal education process and brings in the outdoors inside the classrooms. Not only does outdoor education help students become in tune with their surroundings and gain an appreciation for the natural world, it also plays an important part in bringing what they learn in the classroom into real life through application and observation and highly contribute to their personal and social development.