Senior Elementary (Grades 5 -8)


The students of Grades 5 and 6 continue their junior  elementary structure where in two grade teachers work with the students in each class. In Grades 7 and 8, they move slowly into subject teaching, following the national curriculum by enriching it with cocurricular and beyond the curriculum activities. As grade 8 students have to appear for the board examination, their curriculum becomes more challenging and rigorous.

The senior elementary students learn to balance increasingly challenging coursework with lots of choice of extracurricular activities in the arts and sports fields. It is a time of rapid growth. At Nisarga Batika School, we make the most of this critical period, helping each studentto take ownership of his or her education, choices and preferences.

As students discover their unique talents, they are nurtured into lifelong passions. This is the time when the students start entering into school sports teams, and arts and music groups. They are given the required support in areas of arts, music and drama, sports, STEAM, and other areas of their interest. The academic team and the non-teaching faculty both work in coherence to understand students’ interests, and to serve as guides, coaches and mentors to the students as they set goals for the future –supporting them in deeper exploration, making them more aware and understanding.

Program Highlights

Active Engagement for Understanding

Group activities and individual tasks provide students with the opportunity to learn from peers, share knowledge with others, take and give constructive criticisms and reflect.

Grade Five and Grade Six have outbound learning opportunities outside Kathmandu Valley; and Grade Seven and Grade Eight outside the country. Such trips allow students to be involved in intensive learning in which Information is collected, analysed, compiled and presented.


Each theme is connected to the national curriculum and they help in bringing in all the subjects together. This provides a platform for integrating subjects of study as far as possible and therefore, students get deeper insight of the topics learnt.

Awareness and Empathy

Grade 7 and Grade 8 students work with people outside the school community. Students plan and design activities to share with the partner schools.

Here students from Nisarga Batika School not only share their understanding, but they come back equipped with other skills neither books nor classrooms can provide.

Sports Teams

Students from grade 7 onwards can be members of school sports teams. Juggling from their sport of interest to academics teaches them life skills such as time management, healthy eating and sleeping habits, and proper use of gadgets.

Exploring neighbouring countries

While Grade 5 and 6 students are being prepared to be more aware in understanding their community and country, Grade 7 and 8 students are preparing to become global citizens by visiting neighbouring countries, to understand their culture, economy, and cultural linkages between the two countries and their cross-cultural similarities and linkages.

This cycle ends with students presenting their learning through different media such as photography, vlog, performances etc.

Technology Integration

Students in grades 7-8 are given a choice to bring their computers/laptops or use the computer labs and library network to utilize in every area of study. Each of the classrooms is also equipped with audio-visual equipment and ICT access and connectivity. <

Proper measures are in place and monitored to ensure digital safety at the school.

Nisarga Enrichment Program

Each senior elementary school student chooses an elective from the options offered to them. Opportunities include performing arts classes like singing, dance, drama and instrumental music, as well as fine arts.

Other electives include classes such as languages, sports and STEAM. It is our goal to produce well-rounded students who have been exposed to many art forms and special subjects, and have unique opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and beyond.