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Visual & Performing Arts

Unleashing Creativity through Visual & Performing Arts

On the stage and in the classrooms, Nisarga Batika School students experience and participate in the arts from the early years. Art and music instruction begin in the Preschool, while acts and drama are added slowly, and more embedded over the Junior Elementary School.

Over the years the senior students, progress towards performing and creating at a much higher level, incorporating their curriculum and experiences with multiple offerings to showcase their creativity and demonstrate their talents.


Oratory presentation & Drama

Oratory presentations, acts, drama, and theatre are part of the school cocurricular activities, allowing students to on presentation and acting skills, incorporating improvisation, teamwork and projection.

Thematic presentations, acting and drama, and performances are integrated into the curriculum at each level, helping to build self-esteem and confidence in our students.

Those themes are integrated with Nisarga education to create more connections between subjects so that the students can have a more cohesive learning experience. Nisarga Showtime is the platform, where students across different grade levels, produce acts and presentation every year, performing for the students and the families.

Music & Dance

Singing also begins at the preschool level integrated with their academic learning, incorporating rhymes, songs and music. The students are slowly introduced to more formalised music and dance lessons as they progress over the year, ensuring everyone gets basic music theory skills.

The senior students then chose dance and instrumental music as one of the electives, among many offered, and are introduced to advanced skills and lessons in stage presence, performance etiquette and presentation.

Students participate and perform, in school celebrations of Nisarga Showtime and Book-the-Evening, as well as other performance opportunities throughout the year.

Visual Arts

Students across the grades work on visual arts and crafts, more pronounced during the preschool and junior elementary school days. Students are exposed to drawing, painting, moulding and crafts.

They are taught the basics of art composition, colour mixing and learn to use various mediums, such as watercolour, collage, crayon, pencil and pastels. As students grow, they are assigned projects embedded into their curriculum that instil creativity and imagination, along with learnings.

As with other electives, students delve deeper into visual arts as part of their curriculum during their senior student years, and may choose from electives in drawing and painting.