School Life

School Facilities

Creating an Optimal Learning Environment

Nisarga Batika School is divided into four levels – Preschool, Junior and Senior Elementary, and the High School.

All the academic levels have their own separate blocks with the needed facilities. The school campus is spread across around 125,000 sq. ft (around 23 ropani) of land and over 40,000 sq. ft of built up activity rooms and classrooms.

Empowering Students through Modern Facilities

The school campus has:

  • two swimming pools; 25m and 16m pools
  • two basketball courts; covered and open
  • two computer labs
  • two science labs; elementary & high school,
  • two STEAM labs, basic and advance
  • separate school leveled libraries; preschool, elementary, and high school
  • separate visual and performing arts block; arts & crafts hall, music and dance rooms and hall, and an Amphitheatre
  • three kitchen, dining and cafeteria areas; preschool, elementary, and high school
  • separate covered and open playgrounds at the preschool, elementary school and high school
  • fleet of 26 vehicles of different sizes that provides transportation facility to students

A school Designed for Excellence

Separate infrastructure for the preschool was developed in the year 2017, and the development of the high school wing infrastructure was finished in 2021. The infrastructure and facilities for the school and its students has been an ongoing part of development at the Nisarga Batika School.

It has been able to establish itself as well sought-after school in the country with an environment promoting quality class time, teacher attention and enrichment activities necessary for the kind of education they desired for their children.

Academic Blocks

Nisarga Batika Preschool Block
Nisarga Batika Elementary School Block
Nisarga Batika High School Block

Swimming Pools

25m outdoor pool for senior swimmers, school team practice sessions, and competitions.
16m outdoor pool for juniors swimmers and early learners

Basketball Courts

Covered basketball court at the Elementary School Block
Covered basketball court at the Elementary School Block

Computer, Steam & science labs

Computer Lab for Elementary School
Students at work, STEAM Lab at the High School
School Science Labs, High School


The school provides transportation service which covers most areas of Kathmandu Valley. School transportation unit has different buses running on over two dozen routes to help students commute to and back from school. To find out more about the routes and seat availability, please contact the School Administration Office.

School buses are available for the students of all classes, but in view of the limited number of seats, preference is given to small children and to those students who have to travel long distance. We encourage you to use your own means of transport if you live close to school, or please walk or use a bicycle.