NBS Experience

providing a progressive educational environment

Nisarga Batika School offers its students the finest education through four different levels – Preschool, Junior and Senior Elementary, and High School. All levels are geared towards providing a progressive educational environment which prioritizes experiential learning.

As a school, we are committed to raising aspirations and bringing out the best in all students to ensure that no one gets left behind. Our progressive curriculum emphasizes strong foundations across core subject areas, character education and community service.

setting goals for the future

Our extracurricular activities range from competitive sports to arts, outdoor adventures and activities, as well as a variety of interest-based clubs. Nisarga Batika School is a place where students are encouraged to try new things, discover their passions and set goals for the future.

Students leave Nisarga Batika School with genuine love for learning, equipped with the skills, confidence and drive to achieve their future aspirations, and to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which they live.

creating modern-day learners

A modern learner is someone who is in an environment where content changes fast and learning needs change even faster. The changing technology, competitive academics, and increasingly connected world makes it very important to prepare students as a modern-day learner. One needs to find answers and solve things right away and have access to and rely on a wide variety of sources to find the answer.

At Nisarga Batika School we are creating an environment, infrastructure, and resources to each student to access and utilize for developing the creativity and critical thinking skills needed to succeed in today’s world.

We understand that the modern-day learners are hungry for information, are curious and like to reason, and use multiple devices and platforms to learn and to communicate. We work to guide, build, and support each child on their priorities, deadlines, and commitments.

This is accomplished through learning resources, experiential learning experiences, collaborative and leadership opportunities, and individualized support.

Nisarga Batika School is all about creating these modern-day learners – curious, connected, confident and self–directed.