School Life

Extended School Program (ESP)

additional challenges & fun

Nisarga Batika ESP is a mixture of School Programs and Student Programs, which are led by the students supported by supervisors, resource persons, and the school operations team.

ESP is currently targeted at students from Grade 7 upwards and is meant to provide children with a platform for taking on additional learning, challenge, social interaction and fun. They enable our learners to experience a wide range of activities that will help them grow into well-rounded, happy individuals.

ESP activities will be evolving starting from the school promoted activities and will slowly open up new activities or additional sessions of existing programs, as per the interests of our learners.

instilling leadership qualities

The expectations for commitment, behaviour and attendance are the same during the ESP times as they are during the rest of the school day and all our coaches, teachers, and club leaders will expect the highest standards of behaviour.

ESP provides opportunities for children to show initiative and leadership qualities, as well as, opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others. ESP provides students to improve their personal and interpersonal growth through practising problem solving and decision making and by learning through experiences.

At the same time, ESP is important to support, as well as a counterbalance to the academic pressures.

crafting their own journey

ESP is being implemented for the higher-grade students to get the most from these sessions, and it is also important that the activity choice is made by the children/students as far as possible rather than by parents. Each semester all our ESP Activity Group information will be on our webpage, and also shared with the students/parents.

The ESP offered at Nisarga Batika is divided into four categories:


Swimming, Basketball, and Futsal Teams

Visual & Performing arts

Arts & Crafts Club, Music Club, Drama Club

Clubs & Interest groups

School Media Team, The Public Platform, STEAM Team

Academic & Extended curriculum

Academic Remedial Support and Extended Curriculum Sessions