Academics & Curriculum

nurturing independent life-long learners through experiential education

We believe in nurturing independent life-long learners through experiential education that fosters human values in a positive environment.

At Nisarga Batika School, our kids EXPLORE themselves, EVOLVE into what they want to become, and GROW to become the students that can define their own future. Academic success at every level is important to us at Nisarga Batika High School.

enhancing the national curriculum

We follow the national curriculum set down by the government but there is much more to what we offer than simply meeting the requirements. We believe that, given the right curriculum and learning opportunities, everyone can succeed.

Nisarga integrates its curriculum and plans its activities to enable students to gain knowledge and apply skills across many disciplines. Teaching at Nisarga focuses on the individual and encourages students to work independently and think for themselves in preparation for the world of work and life beyond. We value and strive to develop the skills our students need for life beyond.

We make the classroom learning environment as close to how things occur out there in the real world, to facilitate best learning experiences.

Breaking the content of learning into different subjects often gives students the wrong idea about how the world works, our curriculum works around cognitive themes and in integrating the curriculum around themes, issues, topics across the subjects.

In higher grades projects, field trips, and expeditions help to integrate a wider range of knowledge and skills, with increasing input from the students themselves. Students are provided extended schedules to enable them delve deeper into the integrated curriculum – which includes investigation, exploration, observation, analysis, and application. It allows each student to work at their own pace, gives them time to contemplate on their experiences, and helps them develop individual learning styles.

Philosophical Premises

Learners, in order to be globally competitive, need to develop core skills (digital age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication, and high productivity), possess innate curiosity for ‘learning’ and be functionally literate.

Nisarga Batika School employs six differentiated value-based instruction in each classroom designed to meet the individualized needs of each child:


Meaning of NISARGA (निसर्ग) and how it relates to each individual’s natural growth


Provide the best possible environment where children and adults are able to nurture their innate curiosity


Learning is always accompanied by the understanding that ‘I’ am not the only one who is


Taking challenges as opportunities to help build endurance and self-discipline


Find value in what we already have. Find contentment in our learning, our relationships, and our beings

Life skills

Help students to gain skills that they can carry with them all through their lives

creating a complete learning environment

Our curriculum develops age-appropriate critical thinking skills, stimulates creativity in music and arts, uses technology to support the learning process, and engages in sports and outdoors to provide a complete learning environment for the students.

We focus on five key components as the foundations needed for successful learning:

critical thinking





We are constantly developing and working on to construct engaging curriculum and use tools that will successfully cultivate enthusiasm for learning in our students, both through student-led and teacher-facilitated activities.

Project-based learning is introduced to our young students to prepare them for their learning in later grades, be it like constructing model bridges and tools, participating in cultural activities to regional field trips, to discovering things in their STEAM and activities beyond the usual curriculum