Junior High School (9 & 10)

fostering essential skills, character building

The Junior High School division encompasses grades 9 and 10, marking the initial phase of the high school journey.

During this period, students undergo a smooth transition from Senior Elementary School to the increased academic expectations and opportunities of high school. They explore a broad range of subjects while building a strong foundation across disciplines. This stage emphasizes holistic
development, fostering essential skills, character building, and cultivating a passion for learning.

Program Highlights

Active Engagement for Understanding

  • Classrooms: Spacious and equipped with advanced projectors to facilitate interactive learning and visual aids.
  • Optional Subject Selection:
    1. Optional I: Additional Math, Economics, and Environmental Science (EVS).
    2. Optional II: Accountancy and Computer Science.
  • STEAM Lab: Well-equipped for hands-on experiments in Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, fostering innovation and practical learning.
  • Library: Stocked with a variety of genres including novels, classic literature, suspense thrillers, and course materials, promoting reading for pleasure and academic enrichment.
  • Computer Lab: Features modern computers with internet access for research, digital skills, and online learning.
  • Visits and Excursions: Organized at national and international levels to provide real-world exposure and enhance cultural and academic understanding.
  • Remedial Classes: Remedial classes to provide academic support for students (Grades 10 and 12) in the mid-session during evening Extended School Program (ESP).

Physical and Recreational Facilities:

Sports Field: Includes a basketball court and facilities for various outdoor and indoor sports and activities, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.

Support Services:

  • Counselling Office: Comprehensive psychological, academic, and personal counselling services to support student well-being and development.
  • Health Services: In-house nurse office equipped to handle medical needs and emergencies promptly.
  • Individual Care: To address specific academic concerns and provides personalized attention to each student's educational journey.

Post-SEE Activities:

Comprehensive support and guidance to students transitioning after the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), facilitating smooth progression into higher education or career pathways.

Technology Integration:

Online Classes: Utilizing digital gadgets and presentation tools for interactive online learning experiences, enhancing educational outcomes.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Extended School Program: Offering a diverse range of activities including swimming, futsal, basketball, drama, music, public speaking, and art, promoting holistic development and creativity.

Parental Engagement:

  • Parent Representatives (PR): Facilitate communication and collaboration between school administration and parents, fostering a supportive school community through PR from each grade.
  • PCS (Praise, Clarify, Support): Encourages positive engagement between parents and school to nurture student's academic and personal growth.

Nutritional Service:

Cafeteria: Provides balanced and nutritious meals to support student health and well-being, ensuring optimal energy for learning and activities.


  • Grade 9: Includes 2 mid-semester examinations and 2 semester examinations, evaluating academic progress and achievement.
  • Grade 10: Involves mid-semester and semester assessments, along with collaborative exams such as Joint SEE (Secondary Education Examination) and Pre-SEE with multiple schools, preparing students for higher academic challenges.

Facilities and Environment:

  • Modern Classrooms and Labs: Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate effective teaching and learning experiences across all subjects.
  • Library: Offers extensive resources catering to academic and recreational reading needs, fostering a culture of literacy and exploration.
  • Safe and Inclusive Environment: Emphasis on creating a secure and welcoming atmosphere that promotes diversity, respect, and collaboration among students and staff.